Gatrell needs to respect the opinions of others


It is important for staff and students at the U to take a critical look at the article by Bart Gatrell (“War protestors’ arguments invalid; protesting unpatriotic,” Sept. 28).

Gatrell’s first point is that because Bush was never impeached or brought before a judge, he didn’t lie. Hmm. Our friend Gatrell has been watching too much FOX News.

If he doesn’t realize that there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq when Bush claimed quite the contrary, he needs to check some facts. Go to and read the “smoking gun” speech and tell me that Bush was correct in all of his predictions.

The next point Gatrell brings to the table is that “it is very disconcerting to see academia be so ignorant on fields of their expertise-shame on them for their example to students.”

I am stunned at this blanket statement. Gatrell is saying one of two things: That it is wrong for faculty to participate in a protest because students will see this, and this is wrong-or all of academia is wrong, and he is right. It is phenomenal that faculty was visible and present at the protest, and I applaud them. It is one of their civic rights to be able to protest what their moral beliefs oppose!

Gatrell ends his letter with another blanket statement-that 99 percent of military families are disgusted by the protesters’ behavior.

It is absolutely frightening that Gatrell speaks for an overwhelming number of people with the confidence that his word is supreme and justified.

What about Cindy Sheehan, arrested Monday, Sept. 26 for protesting at the White House? Her son was a member of the U.S. military, yet she is not in accord with Gatrell’s “military brat” point of view.

In fact, as a military parent dealing with the loss of her son, she probably just wants to bring other mothers’ sons home as well. I respect Gatrell’s opinion, but I would appreciate some consideration for those whose opinions don’t conform to your own.

Nick Rothacher

Senior, Biology/Spanish