Mormons aren’t the only ones with values


I’d like to respond to Gordon Swift’s letter to the editor, “Prudes shouldn’t comment on sexuality,” Sept. 26.

I found the letter pretty comedic. First was how Swift judged Marlo and assumed that she’s an active LDS member based on the fact that she’s protesting sexual content in movies.

Seeing that this is Utah, his assumption is probably true-but it is pretty ignorant to just assume something of someone.

I’m from Texas and there are not a lot of Mormons there, so if you were to make the same assumption of Marlo in Dallas instead of Salt Lake City, you’d be wrong.

Odds are she would be a strong Baptist or a born-again Christian.

So Swift, don’t be so ignorant and stuck in your Utah bubble to automatically assume things about people. Mormons aren’t the only people who stand up for morals and family values.

And as long as you’re playing the judging game, here are a few things that I’ve assumed about you because of your letter.

It’s obvious that you watch porn, touch yourself and watch “how-to” sex videos so that way you can imagine yourself doing it-because all you have in real life is touching yourself.

And seeing that you’re proud that you touch yourself, I’d like to ask you to keep your attempts at asexual reproduction to yourself.

Kenneth Pavia

Sophomore, History