Only creeps stare at women’s breasts


I am writing in response to Kellen Wilson’s letter to the editor (“Celebrate differences in men and women,” Sept. 29).

Does it occur to you that a woman in a miniskirt and high heels is not automatically an object? God forbid a woman show some leg or even some torso.

I find your choice of phrases like, “dress modestly and act like a human being” and “If you dress like a slut, I’m going to stare at your boobs,” very interesting.

Sounds like we had different upbringings. In yours, women who show some skin are slutty, second-class citizens.

I’m getting a frustrated vibe from your letter.

These wouldn’t be the same type of women who won’t give you the time of day, would they?

Maybe it’s your approach. Here’s a free tip-when striking up a conversation with a woman, don’t creep her out by staring at her chest.

Best of luck, buddy.

Gordon Swift

Junior, Chemistry