Ex-Mormons shouldn’t lecture members about doctrine


Why did you even print Gordon Swift’s letter to the editor, filled with hate toward the LDS Church?

It seems that those that used to be members of the LDS faith, but have since left it, have giant chips on their shoulders and take every opportunity to bash their former religion.

I like the out-of-context quote of the first presidency in 1982 supposedly banning oral sex from all members.

Could it be that the first presidency was saying oral sex shouldn’t be done before marriage, discrediting the popular saying at the time, “oral is moral?” My bishop said that whatever your spouse is comfortable with, and what you deem appropriate, is fine-but that is each couple’s business.

So, Swift, please don’t try to preach to current members of the LDS Church what they should believe, especially since you apparently never believed it anyway.

What you don’t understand is that the church is not there to enforce rules that make life miserable-it teaches members how to achieve happiness and follow Christ.

Trevor Burnett