Protesting is patriotic


In response to Bart Gatrell’s letter to the editor (“War protestors’ arguments invalid; protesting unpatriotic,” Sept. 28), I would like to say that I am getting really tired of hearing Republicans say that if you are a Democrat and/or don’t support this administration, you are not a patriotic American.

For goodness sake, we Democrats are the ones who want to protect the freedom of the individuals. We believe that people should be given the freedom to make choices-choices like marrying whomever you want, interrupting a pregnancy, believing in God and so forth.

I am no history expert, but one of the founding fathers once said, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

Your president (certainly not mine) wants to take that freedom away from the individuals, making it a crime to be in a homosexual relationship or have an abortion.

I think we have more important things to focus on and toward which put our money, energy and attention. How about global warming, depletion of natural resources, catching the right bad guys and bringing your brother home to his family!

Manny L. Antonacci

Senior, Biology/Environmental Studies