K-UTE rocks the airwaves: Student radio station features revamped format

It might take a little effort to find, but student radio is alive and well on the U campus.

K-UTE student radio has made changes over the summer and revamped its program schedule to help U students stay entertained and informed.

“Changes have been made to K-UTE to make everything that goes on air more organized,” Adam Jensen, K-UTE sports director, said. “Show schedules are on set times so students will know exactly when to tune in to hear news, sports and music.”

Students can enjoy a wide variety of music, with DJs hosting shows weekdays between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Sports talk runs weeknights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., featuring interviews with athletes and allowing students to call in and voice their opinions.

“I really like the sports talk,” Rob Herbert, a senior majoring in political science, said. “Most of it focuses on the Utes, and they have player interviews you don’t hear anywhere else.”

K-UTE will also feature many hours of public affairs programming that will include live interviews with student musicians and campus organizations.

Public service announcements are played regularly to help inform students of lectures and events dealing with health, diversity, politics, international affairs and a wide variety of other issues. K-UTE also has a Web site, kute.org, which gives any organization or individual the opportunity to post announcements on the site simply by typing a message.

Students run the station, and nearly 9,000 hours of programming air annually. Over 25,000 public service announcements air during that span, helping inform the entire student body.

“The benefit for students is that we deal with campus issues and news from a student perspective,” Jensen said. “As a student-run station, we can also be more controversial with the issues we tackle.”

Student DJs also play music that primarily appeals to students. Spencer Olsen, a sophomore majoring in English, claims that most other stations in the valley are out of touch with student tastes.

“K-UTE plays a lot better music than other Salt Lake radio stations,” Olsen said. “You can listen for hours without hearing a single song by Fleetwood Mac or REO Speedwagon.”

K-UTE student radio has been active on the U campus since 1988. The station is broadcast out of the speakers at the Heritage Center, and over 3,000 students living in the dorms can receive the signal on UTV Channel 66 via the telecommunication department’s cable system.

K-UTE can also be heard on campus at 1620 AM or from any location worldwide over streaming audio on the station’s Web site.

In addition to providing the entire student population with information and entertainment, K-UTE offers any student on campus the unique opportunity to host a radio show. Some students choose to go on to professional careers in broadcasting, but many simply enjoy the opportunity to communicate with other students.

“To sum it all up in a few words, we are the voice of the Utes,” Jensen said.

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