Liberals rape dogs


In response to Gordon Swift’s ignorant reply to my letter (“Only creeps stare at women’s breasts,” Oct. 3), I would like to say that the message of my letter was not that men should stare at women’s breasts, as you implied, but that women should not dress like sluts.

Next time, read a little more carefully.

When you refer to your “upbringing,” I would like to say that I did not abandon what I was taught as a child, unlike you.

I am amazed that the tone of your letter appeared to be an attempt at a moral lecture.

You, Swift, are a liberal.

That means that you have no moral values whatsoever. I don’t need some Satan-worshipping liberal lecturing me about moral values. It is because of people like you that I can’t even let my pet dog loose in the yard out of fear that some perverted liberal will to jump over the fence and rape him.

Personally, I take it as a compliment that you automatically assume that anyone with moral values must be a Mormon.

Any regrets?

Kellen Wilson

Junior, Finance and Spanish