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By [email protected]

Editor:I would like to start by giving you credit for publishing all those controversial articles in the opinion section. That is the only reason why I bother picking up a copy on a daily basis. I have a comment in regards to why I think it is that Mormons get bashed on all the time. It’s their cockiness. Out of all the Mormons I have talked to, about half I consider cocky. I don’t dislike Mormons I respect every group/religion. We all have the right to our own beliefs as well as the responsibility to respect each other. Not that I am a reliable source but like I said I am stating my opinion based on facts. One example is that if you aren’t Mormon other members try their best for you not to associate with other members because God forbid you end up dating one. They always think that they are not good enough and all these members try to talk to the “victim” to pursue them to “choose the righteous”, meaning choose a member only. Another example is when they ask if you are a member of “The Church”. I use to think they were referring to either Islam or Catholicism being that they are the largest religions in the world with 1.1 billion + members. Then I thought they might have meant Judaism or Hinduism being that they are some of the oldest if not the oldest religions. To my surprise they were referring to the Mormon Church as “The Church”. I tried not laughing but I could not believe how ignorant and cocky these people were. They live in a bubble, not all. To my knowledge they are not even in the top three religions in this country. For all you members dont take this as an insult take it as lesson.

Jafet QuezadaSenior, Pre-nursing/Spanish