Know your roots

In an effort to end apathy toward liberty, encourage activity in government and help students get involved, Frank and Melissa Crowther formed the 1776 club. But before the club can accomplish its goals, it must focus on recruiting new members, Frank said.

Melissa Crowther, senior music major and wife of Frank Crowther, said that inviting keynote speakers is a major priority to help draw attention to the club.

“(We plan to) stay in contact with local legislators and express concern for issues, whether they are in the forefront of the news or not,” she said. “Most local state legislators will come and speak to students for free.”

The club plans to request $500 to $800 dollars from the Associated Students of the University of Utah to “have the resources to widely distribute copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to students,” Crowther said.

Crowther said the club has 45 members, but only four people were present at the Sept. 22 meeting. At the meeting, the group discussed the U.S. Constitution and compared it with past and present political agendas.

For more information, Frank and Melissa Crowther can be contacted at [email protected]

Compiled by Tyana Rees