Love your wife for who she is


In response to David Page’s letter to the editor (“Women should decide for themselves what equality means,” Oct. 3), I loved it-until the end.

After saying his wife was an object to him, Page claimed that, “to be an object is not always a demeaning thing.”

Page justified this statement by calling his wife the object of his affection and admiration. I completely disagree with his thought and consider his justification to be a misuse of semantics. The act of thinking of someone as an object-be it a good or bad object-still separates that person in the mind of the objector from what he or she actually is: a person. Instead of thinking of his wife as an object, I think it would be healthier for Page to think of her as a person. One he loves, admires and is inspired by more than anyone else.

It’s a minor mental shift. But to me, it makes all the difference when trying to bring about a true equality among the sexes.

If he does love his wife more than anyone else, I think he ought to view her as the person she is-not as an object that relates to him.

C.P. Elliott

Junior, Stage Management