Nutter’s column gave us rare insight


I can’t say I was surprised to hear about some Priss-Pants McGee having a problem with last week’s advice column on threesomes (“Advice column subject matter should reflect campus norms,” Sept. 28).

I know our virgin eyes should never be subjected to such horrific tales of sexual adventure, but sometimes I wish people like Adam Reiser would stray away from their “missionary position” views on sexuality. Their sheltered outlook will get them nowhere beyond Provo. Open your eyes and realize that your view on sex is just that: your view. Who are you to tell me what is acceptable to read? Danni Nutter’s column exhibited something different to The Chronicle’s readers.

If anything, it gave us insight to the way other people live and think. We are a diverse world, and it is time we at least start recognizing that this behavior exists. Sorry if I popped the bubble Reiser’s been living under for the last 20-some-odd years. Sounds to me like he could use a threesome.

Dan Sluder


Mechanical Engineering