Research your cause before protesting


I am not writing this in response to any previous column, but rather, I simply have the desire to vent in a public format.

Let me first say, I am a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also, very few of my immediate family members share my religious beliefs.Consequently, I am very aware of legitimate and logical arguments concerning many beliefs of the church to which I belong. However, I was very frustrated to see the individuals picketing outside the conference center this weekend with signs and shirts displaying phrases such as “Abortion Is Wrong” and “Trust Jesus.”

Here’s a word of advice to anyone who ever feels the conviction to stand somewhere with a sign for hours in “protest” of something: You might want to make sure that the message you are so desperately trying to proclaim isn’t something the people around you already embrace. Another example was a man who shouted to a teenage boy carrying his Bible, “Hey there, why don’t you get a King James version of that book! That’s what you need, a King James version.”

A close friend of mine quietly turned to him and said, “He has one.” Yes, we read the King James version of the Bible.

Statistically speaking, most people fear public speaking more than death itself. Apparently, this does not apply to those standing on the corners and streets by the conference center. Not only are they shouting and yelling to literally thousands of people over the course of the weekend, but they obviously also don’t have a concern about looking like ignorant fools, either.

I hope anyone reading this can see my point. I’m not saying everyone should share my personal beliefs. I’m not even saying that there aren’t logical arguments against them.

If you research something and find reasons to personally disagree with it, that’s great. That’s part of being an individual. I am simply saying: Don’t be an ignorant fool.

Heather Meyer

Freshman, Fine Arts