Women need to watch how they present themselves


In response to Gordon Swift’s letter to the editor (“Only creeps stare at women’s breasts,” Oct. 3), I would like to say that I agree with Swift’s statement that “a woman in a miniskirt and high heels is not automatically an object.”

But in the words of Dave Chappelle, “Gentlemen, just because (women) dress a certain way, doesn’t mean they are a certain way, don’t ever forget it-but ladies, you must understand, that is $#%^&@! confusing.”

I am not advocating such behaviors as inappropriate comments about the opposite sex or staring unabashedly at portions of exposed skin solely because of someone’s manner of dress or action. I am simply advocating a better understanding between the sexes. If I were to walk around campus in a police officer’s uniform and someone came running up to me, asking for help, it wouldn’t be fair for me to say, “Whoa, hold on there, just because I am dressed this way does not make me a police officer.”

When women OR men present themselves in a certain way through their choice of clothing, they have to recognize the potential consequences of their actions. We should celebrate our differences but not by gawking at one another’s assets. And to women and men everywhere, I’m not defending our societal shortcomings-but try not to be too surprised if someone who “creeps you out” is staring at your body while trying to strike up a conversation.

Nicholas Barton

Junior, Business