Calendar is trashy, not funny


It has taken me a while to figure out why The Chrony has turned its events Calendar into the trashiest section of the paper.

Now I understand-someone (who won’t even own up that he writes this crap) is obviously still bitter about his junior high English class, where his creativity was condoned but his methods were misunderstood.

As a reader, I understand that teacher’s pain. The anonymous author makes good use of his thesaurus and thankfully he uses bold so we don’t have to insult our intelligences by reading the drivel between the lines.

Unfortunately for the writer, however, his sarcasm is not appreciated by an audience who reads about its gods being interviewed by the ‘Mustachinator’ and who is bombarded by juvenile references to poo, douches and other pathetic attempts to shock.

Since the Calendar is not on the Opinion Page, I almost hope The Chrony gets sued for defamation by John Stossel, Pat Robertson and the like-then maybe this author will be forced to write something respectable or better yet, nothing at all.

Mary Cox

Senior, Biology