Former writer sick of Opinion Page’s letters


This is for the opinion writers at The Chrony: Whenever I have a minute at work, I’ll browse online at The Daily Utah Chronicle’s Web site, only to find constant bickering and no real articles to speak of on the Opinion Page.

What has happened to The Chrony? As a former opinion writer, I can’t believe the lack of depth the paper is putting out these days. All I ever see is uneducated Utahns arguing over who’s worse, Mormons or non-Mormons.

Who cares? Doesn’t anyone have an intelligent thought in his or her head? When I wrote for the paper, we actually had columns on the Opinion Page, not just useless letters regurgitating the same old crap.

I will no longer be reading The Chrony because there’s never anything new to read. It’s too bad, really. Maybe you guys can turn it around in the future-if you do, let me know.

Carrie Ferrera