Don’t stereotype the poor


Kellen Wilson’s “Fat people are fat because they’re lazy,” Oct. 20, claim is one I’ve heard before. Fruits and vegetables are expensive. Living in the Residence Halls has taught me that the most affordable foods that I can prepare with only a microwave are Ramen, saltine crackers, cheap soup and soda.

A 2-liter of soda costs $.59 if you get the generic brand. Milk costs $2 a gallon, even if you get the generic brand. Same with meat- beef here is expensive, much more so than getting a one-dollar cheeseburger.

Wilson’s argument seems to be based on a similar one: Poor people are poor because they’re lazy. Perhaps poor people don’t exercise because they’re too tired from working 12 hours at Wal-Mart, then a graveyard shift at Dee’s so they can eat and maybe make lunches for their kids.

How are they supposed to move up in the world if they don’t have time or money for an education, which is becoming more and more vital to having a good job? These people are working harder than some middle- and upper-class people will in their lives.

Everyone deserves to have cheap, healthy food.

Another stereotype that I’m surprised didn’t come up was that poor people are alcoholics-because booze is cheap.

Pay attention to the prices next time at the grocery store. Organic food is expensive. Mass-produced crap is cheap. And remember, poor people are poor because they deserve it. Paris Hilton is rich because she works so hard.

Natalena Wilson

Senior, English