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Students on the street: How do U feel about BYU?

Reggie Murdock

Sophomore, International Studies

I don’t really have a problem with them. I wouldn’t go there, I like a little more freedom. Such a strict campus would drive me crazy. I like a little more diversity in the student body-I think it’s kinda stuffy down there. Obviously, I want to see the Utes kill them on Saturday. I predict a 38-14 final score.

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or pee your pants during a class presentation?

A: I’d have to go with peeing my pants. In fact, I’d be proud to pee my pants.

Joanna Owens

Sophomore, Athletic Training

Well, I think they’re pretty stupid. They’re too Mormony and they seem too stuck-up. My family’s always been against BYU. I’d like to see a lot of school spirit out on Saturday-we can’t let them think that because they have home advantage that they have all the power.

Q: Have you seen “Shawshank Redemption?”

A: Yes

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or crawl through that 500-yard sewer pipe like Tim Robbins?

A: Crawl through the sewer.

Portia Dempsey

Freshman, Undecided

I don’t like BYU. They’re our rivals. They’re judgmental and they think they’re cooler than us, but it’s all about the U. I’ve never been to Provo-I’ve driven through, but I’ve definitely never stopped. I hope they don’t score at all on Saturday and that John Beck runs into a goalpost.

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or cause the extinction of puppies everywhere?

A: I don’t want puppies gone, but I don’t want to go to BYU, either … I could do without cats, maybe.

Chris Nakagama

Junior, Economics

I hate ’em; I was born and raised a Utah fan. I’m not a big religion fan, and I resent them for some reason. I’d like to see a 48-nothing blow-out with John Beck getting hurt-icing on the cake.

Q: Are you a Democrat?

A: Yes

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or vote for George W. Bush?

A: Vote for Bush.

Mollie Larson

Sophomore, Art

Of course, they’re our rivals, so there’s some kind of dislike. I’m very loyal to the U, but one of my parents went to BYU, so I can’t hate them. I’ve only been to their campus once, I’m not much of a Provo-goer. I’d like to see us whip their butts, but I want it to be a close, exciting game.

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or give all your credit cards to ASUU?

A: All credit cards to ASUU, no questions asked.

Anthony Quan

Sophomore, Pre-Med Biology

Yeah, I hate them. Well, not necessarily hate them-they’re going to lose when we play them because their football team sucks. I like Provo, but not the school in Provo. I’d like to see us win with five touchdowns on them, at least.

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or be bitten by an Ebola monkey?

A: Ebola monkey, definitely.

Thomas Jarvis

Freshman, Undecided

Don’t really particularly care-I have family who goes down there. I’m not into the sports thing, I’m just a nerd like that.

This school is cheaper, and they’re stricter … we have a less intense atmosphere.

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or eat a tub of lard?

A: How big is this tub of lard? If it’s decent-sized, I’d go with the lard. If the lard got too big, and I could die maybe, I’d draw the line. My size tub of lard, I’d go for that.

Darya Baghbani

Freshman, Pre-pharmacy

It’s a good school, kinda conservative. I’m not religious or conservative, so it wouldn’t work out. It’s like a joke, actually. They’re turning Utah into a theocracy. I guarantee we’ll lose the game, but I’d like to see their quarterback get trampled on.

Q: Would you rather go to BYU, or walk in on your parents doing the “grown-up?”

A: Parents doing the grown-up.

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