Identifying Aaron Hornok as a Pike was out of line


I just wanted to mention that I found the editor’s note accompanying Aaron Hornock’s “My experience with hazing” from Nov. 10 to be very inappropriate.

To give his identity as a former Pi Kappa Alpha was just absurd to me.

While the letter itself was poorly written, Hornock’s intentions may not have been to hurt the name of Pi Kappa Alpha and, consequently, Greek Row. His intention was to show that hazing was pointless.

If he wanted us to know he was a former Pike, he would have told us himself.

Your editor’s note tainted his intention and may have also opened up a whole can of worms for this esteemed organization.

The Chrony seems to be making a trend out of putting Greek Row in a negative light, and it needs to stop.

Put your “two cents” into your own articles. Thanks.

Neel Limaye

Junior, Finance