Patrick Muir is going to hell


I am writing in response to Patrick Muir’s column in the recent rivalry guide (“Converting to Utahism,” The Rivalry, Nov. 16).

“In the name of Bronco Mendenhall, amen.”? Are you joking me?

I guess you can just throw away any commitment to what really matters in this life, like, hmmm-I don’t know, perhaps God.

It’s one thing to badmouth the BYU football team and say immature things about how BYU girls aren’t as hot as Utah girls, but when you blatantly degrade something as sacred to you as a member of Christ’s church, you not only piss me off, but you disrespect a much more important being in this universe, perhaps the one whose name you so flippantly replaced.

Good job, elder!

I just wanted to commend you for your maturity not only with regard to things of an eternal nature, but also your maturity with regard to this life.

Good on ya!

Your brother in the gospel,

Russ Cramer