Sin is sin


?I wish to respond to Will Carlson’s letter (“Biblical evidence condemning homosexuality conflicts,” Nov. 17). Carlson said that “using these scriptures” (passages that he never referenced) “to condemn homosexuality requires willful ignorance of the context,” and “As for Boutte’s decision to marry a woman in spite of his proclaimed attraction to men, may he always be faithful to the wife he misled.”

In 2004’s SL Metro, Carlson stated the following: “It is much easier to justify disagreement by demonizing those who differ?it is easier for people to believe they are right if they are convinced that those who differ are evil or ignorant.”? ?

I never said that anyone was evil, and I am not interested in engaging in a dialogue that is hurtful to anyone. I was responding to a question posed to me, “I wonder if Boutte has ever questioned his own sexuality?”

The simple answer was yes. Your personal attack on my relationship with my wife only proves your ambivalence toward those who are not of your own dogma.

Certainly the Christian community has sinned against the homosexual community; I must admit that.

To me, there is no difference among a person who gossips, a person who steals, a person who practices homosexuality and my own child, who willfully disobeys me. There is no reason for the Christian community to single out homosexual behavior while seemingly condoning the other acts. I see all sin as separation from God; I don’t pick and choose.

I also see only one way to bridge the gap that sin has created, and that is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ronnie Boutte?

Junior, Electrical Engineering