A haunted event: The Occasion’s eerie jams provide only weak thrills

The Occasion

Cannery Hours

Say Hey

Two-and-a-half out of five stars

In the ever-expanding diction of rock, I don’t see why The Occasion’s unique brand of brooding aesthetic can’t be labeled “zombie-rock.”

The band’s latest release, Cannery Hours, oozes with a sprawling, melancholy sound fit for the undead-the melodies stagger as they wander between pounding rhythms and steady, distant, mumbling vocals.

While the psych-rock influence of Pink Floyd is apparent, especially on “The Maiden” (clocking in at 10 minutes long), The Occasion’s sound is no throw-back: It’s bitter rock and somber roll, and it renders The Occasion unique…and haunting. Although “Register My Complaints” is a highlight of Cannery Hours, the song sounds like an Interpol B-side; it’s most clear that The Occasion lacks either the conviction or the ability to deliver a singularly knockout moment.

It’s this lack of exuberance that leaves Cannery Hours just an average album. Were a little gusto thrown into The Occasion’s messy mix of psychedelica and eeriness, truly great stoner jams could be produced.

Marshal Hogan