Article in BYU’s paper from Chronicle writer sparks controversy down south


A recent letter from a BYU fan from Provo mentioned the offense its writer took at an article written by my fellow journalist at The Chronicle, Patrick Muir, before the recent BYU-Utah football game.

Muir’s article (“Converting to Utahism,” Nov. 16, published in The Chronicle and BYU’s The Daily Universe) was all in good fun.

I’m sure something similar would have been printed in The Daily Universe… except that the term “free press” doesn’t exist in most people’s vocabulary in Happy Valley.

Get a sense of humor. Being offended because someone writes “In the name of Bronco Mendenhall, amen,” sets you up for a lot of disappointment in life. What gives you the privilege to tell Muir what is right and what is wrong?

“Judge not, that ye be not judged”-or perhaps that is part of the Bible that wasn’t translated correctly.

The simple truth is this: BYU girls aren’t as hot as Utah girls, and Muir replacing a word in a commonly accepted ending to a prayer isn’t all that sacrilegious-or at least not as bad as telling him he is going to hell because of it.

Nick Macey

Salt Lake City