Chrony Comics display immaturity


What in blazes are you people (particularly your editor in chief) thinking?

Did you seriously believe that you’d be able to print “funny” cartoon entries like today’s (Chrony Comics, Nov. 30) without repercussions?

My first qualm is with the winner of the caption contest.

Andrew Huffaker’s caption for Tony Poulson’s anatomically incorrect snowmen comic showed no sign of intelligence or creativity in either the content of dialogue or the standard by which it was apparently judged a “winning” entry in your weekly contest.

It takes real talent to make a joke out of sex, doesn’t it?

I’m sure you’re pleased with yourself for eliciting a few pubescent giggles from your “bros.”

Did you just take a beginner’s human anatomy class? Way to go, hero.

Second, I am completely appalled that The Chronicle would let aspersions like “FAGGOT” appear on its pages, especially when it was presented in the grimacing context of a hateful insult!

Not only is Tony “Foul-son” taking the easy road out of writer’s block by writing tripe like this, but it is socially irresponsible.

Personally, I was under the impression that places of higher learning, such as a university (and its publications) might offer an environment in which one could rise above such adolescence.

Apparently, that’s not an environment that Poulson values, or has any intention of utilizing for his or anyone’s benefit.

It leaves me to wonder if he got the idea for this cartoon at a kegger late one night before deadline and shared it with his fellow beer-swilling homophobes, who applauded his bravura.

And if by some bizarre fluke Poulson happens to be gay…queen, I’m ’bout to slap you!

Don’t think ‘cuz you’re “family” you’re off the hook!

David Alder

Freshman, Film