Religion doesn’t really matter


If there were no God, life would continue as it has for millions of years. If it turned out that there were no God, why would it be such a big deal if that were the way it had always been?

The earth would still turn to help the sun rise, and the tides would still change with the moon. It wouldn’t be any different from the way it is now. The only thing that would change would be the way we think. The outside world would be exactly as it is now.

Why would it be such an awful world if we did, in fact, evolve from apes and weren’t actually created from the rib of God? What if Christ was just some guy who died on a cross for a crime he did actually commit? Nothing about the physical world would change. Life around us would continue as normal.

So why do we attack people for what they believe, when it really makes no difference in our lives?

The girl on my left may believe in Allah, the guy on my right in Darwin, and I may believe that life just is. Why can’t we all be friends?

Simply because her people will attack his, and my world is in the center. Amid all this fighting, I look out my window and see that bees are still buzzing, night still falls, and it is as if none of this really matters to the world order.

Why then, if all we are doing is tearing apart the world we want so desperately to protect, does it matter if I believe in Ra, Buddha, Christ or nothing?

We don’t want our egos to be deflated. Are we really willing to destroy others because our ethnocentric egos may get bumped on their quest for world dominance, or just a spot in The Chrony?

Vanessa Johnson

Sophomore, Sociology