Don’t put spin on religious doctrines


Trevor Burnett twisted LDS doctrine when he claimed that non-members can get into the celestial kingdom, or heaven (“Ex-Mormons shouldn’t present themselves as LDS,” Jan. 12).

The LDS church explicitly teaches that only those who complete certain temple ordinances will dwell with God. A Mormon baptism is required for all in the celestial kingdom. By performing LDS baptisms for the dead in the name of deceased non-members, LDS people believe they give dead “friends of another faith” the chance to accept God’s doctrine and enter his glory.

Dead non-members who don’t accept an LDS baptism won’t get into the celestial kingdom. End of story.

As a former member, I find this doctrine elitist, but I acknowledge that Mormonism is not the only religion that thinks it has a monopoly on salvation.

Everyone is entitled to his or her beliefs. But LDS faithfuls who choose to share their faith have a duty to be accurate. Twisting doctrine to speciously appear more accepting is inappropriate for any religion.

Will Carlson?Law Student