Point/Counterpoint inappropriately simplistic


I was disappointed to read today’s Point/Counterpoint (“Is the GOP on the light side or dark side of the Force?” Jan. 23) and realize that The Chrony had chosen a completely and inappropriately complex topic to debate.

Dividing politics into a Republican vs. Democrat framework is simplistic and meaningless. With such a premise to work with, Fawson and Coloroso can only pick sides and make broad generalizations, further perpetuating party stereotypes.

I consider this an insult to the intelligence of the readership and suggest that The Chrony seriously narrow its topic for Point/Counterpoint in the future, enabling factual and meaningful debate.

If this is not possible, I recommend sticking with the age-old dilemmas of boxers vs. briefs, blonde vs. brunette, or Yankees vs. Red Sox, which are innocuous and far more entertaining than politics.

Christian LeiningerJunior, Economics