America needs to encourage immigration


I was disgusted by the letter from local resident Kenny Williams about illegal immigration (“Those who don’t oppose illegal immigration are evil,” Jan. 24). Apparently Williams has learned nothing about our country.

Williams’ history lesson must have been skewed when he was taught about his ancestors coming here in search for a better life and taking over American-Indian land. Also, it’s ignorant to think that immigrants don’t pay taxes.

One of the beauties of our land is a culturally pluralistic society that exists almost no other place in the world. It’s sad that Williams cannot take advantage of being exposed to another culture and another way of thinking.

As for the language, Williams has probably never sat down to talk with a member of a minority. How could he possibly know that his language was being destroyed?

Jobs are given to the best candidates-which should be independent of race. If you want to have a job, you’ll need to work for it. It’s ridiculous to think that jobs are being taken away from citizens, provided all the opportunities that citizens are given.

There is no reason that we should discourage immigration any more than it already is. If anything, the United States is forfeiting its power by closing its doors. Our international relations are plummeting because of this. We should follow the example of the European Union and unite the Americas in a similar fashion.

Ernest WarrenLocal Resident