Girls just want to have talks

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

Look for loud, laughing women talking about marriage and dating in other cultures around a red tablecloth in the Union every Wednesday this semester.

Girl Talk, a discussion group developed for international women last Fall Semester by the International Women’s Association, used to meet in a formal lecture setting in the Women’s Resource Center. They are, however, remodeling the popular chat circle in order to attract more members.

Girl Talk has changed time, location and purpose in order to fit more students’ schedules, Anjali Hammond, International Program coordinator, said.

“The meetings (last semester) turned into loose conversations between the women who where there,” she said. “That’s when we decided that switching to a relaxed format would make women feel more comfortable.”

Girl Talk now meets every Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m. in the east end of the Union Food Court. Interested participants should look for a red tablecloth and loud, cool-looking ladies, said Elizabeth Adoyo, student intern for International Student Services at the U.

“We are encouraging all women to come who want to share their cultures and experiences,” Adoyo said. “We want to basically sit back, eat and listen to each other’s life stories.”

Topics discussed during Girl Talk range from marriage to various countries’ cultural expectations of dating. Participants do not need to be members of the International Women’s Association or the International Center, nor are there any fees to join.

Hiroko Okura, an exchange student from Japan and new Girl Talk participant, said that women should join if they are searching for women with whom they have cultural experiences in common.

“I felt welcomed the first day I attended. Even though (the women) have different backgrounds, I felt like I belonged and knew everyone already,” Okura, a junior in psychology, said.

The International Women’s Association sponsors another brand of girl talk for married U students.

Spouses of international students or international students with children meet every third Friday at the West Community Center in the U Student Apartments.

“Whether you are a married or single woman, you can join either?group and leave with lasting friendships,” Adoyo said.

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