A mighty wind

By By Matt Barney

By Matt Barney

Tomorrow the U School of Music’s Wind Ensemble will perform a pops concert featuring some songs you may or may not know.

The first piece is an overture by the name of “Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna” by Franz von Supp. Inspired by one of the great artistic cities of old Europe, this piece contains echoes of the various influences that the many masters have had on Vienna’s musical heritage. In particular, listen for the melancholic violin solos.

Following the overture, audiences will hear the “Symphonic Dances from West Side Story,” composed by Leonard Bernstein.

These compositions vary in texture: The prologue is mysterious and pensive, while the mambo is exciting, upbeat and active. Taken together, they are a collection of unique American musical odes. It is a testament to Bernstein’s abilities that, through mere notes, he captures the essence of America; from the first to the last, we experience sounds that are definitively ours.

The last piece is “The Lord of the Rings-Hobbits,” composed by Johan de Meij. This piece has a bouncy, soft melody that conjures images of the countryside and comforting simplicity. Though simple and catchy, it remains accessible without degrading itself.

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