Abortion is sometimes the only feasible option


I would like to defend abortion. I believe it’s time to take a more capitalist view with a squeeze of humanism. ?

So let’s start with an example. A girl of 16 becomes pregnant after a party and in nine months out could come a baby; she isn’t even old enough to have graduated high school. Where will her family come up with the extra income? How is she going to take care of this child till full maturity on a skilled laborer’s pay, at best? The odds are extremely grim.

By grim I mean the child wasn’t wanted in the first case (in this example) and isn’t sufficiently funded.

Studies show that most males found in prisons didn’t have adequate adult supervision or fathers. Many times, the lack of adult supervision could be due to the fact that a single mother may be working multiple jobs to support the child and herself. ?

Now, humanists want this child to be born. That’s all great and dandy, but are you going to support the child and help raise it properly?

A key element in the development of a child is that it can recognize its mother within an hour or two. Childhood is such an important time in a person’s life-it is the base of your life. Why bring children who aren’t going to be given a base into society?

We are screwing them over, and I believe that we are doing the rest of us a great disservice as well.

I plead to all of you out there who want abortions stopped-think about the child’s future before you think about its today.

Hey, if you want to sponsor a child and find it a mother before a certain time period, I’m all for making a woman give birth-barring medical reasons.

But if the mother doesn’t have adequate allocations for the child and doesn’t want the child and no one can properly foster the child-foster homes are just as bad as missing dads-then let her have an abortion so we can stop giving the green light to children who won’t be provided the necessary framework for adulthood.

Kelston L. Benson-GoupilSophomore, Economics