Ballet Showcase articles lack research


The two articles that have appeared in The Chronicle this year for Ballet Showcase have lacked the extensive research and comprehensive reporting necessary for an arts review or preview (“From Bach to Black Eyed Peas: Students present mixed repertoire for ‘Ballet Showcase I,'” Oct. 17; “Student choreographers ‘Showcase’ new work,” Jan. 26).

Rather than provide the reader a detailed description of the “Showcase” performances, these articles only provide a very narrow scope of the event. Just because the reviewer may have a personal relationship with one of the two choreographers mentioned, it does not mean that she should ignore the work of 11 other choreographers for Ballet Showcase II. ??

Instead of being a review or preview of Ballet Showcase II, the Jan. 26 article appears to be more of a feature story on two people that just happens to coincide with the performance.

As a choreographer for three previous Showcase performances, I feel that this is an insult to those who have worked so hard to produce quality pieces for the show. A similar situation occurred with the first Ballet Showcase review in October. Only pieces that were choreographed by acquaintances or classmates of the reporter’s boyfriend were mentioned in the article.

Next time, please try to go beyond the bare minimum of reporting and actually go to the show or dress rehearsal and find out who/what is involved in Ballet Showcase.

Justine SheedySenior, Ballet