Law school needs renovation


This letter is in response to Steve Gehrke and Patrick Muir’s article about the Legislature’s decision not to bond the proposed rec center (“Legislature kills rec center,” Jan. 27). It would be lovely if the U could have everything, but in a world of limited resources, other buildings-including a new law school-should take priority.

The Spring Semester 2006 schedule for the law school lists 83 classes, but the law school has four classrooms. We have more professors than offices. In some classes, students who arrive late don’t get a desk. The building is dark and outdated. So forgive me if I don’t shed a tear when I’m told I only have two exercise facilities to choose from while on campus.

I understand that ASUU and the administration want to resolve the U’s reputation as a commuter school that lacks community, but above all, the U is a school. Priority should be on providing classrooms before cardio machines.

Will CarlsonLaw Student