Utah’s rugby is nationally recognized


It was quite refreshing to read the opinion article about the rugby team from a recent issue of The Chronicle (“Give a little love to Utah rugby,” Jan. 25). I am an alumnus three years removed from school, and I am very aware of the struggles the rugby team faces.

Recently, the parking enforcement ticketed all of the rugby players practicing at the bubble (which the team paid for)?during the wee hours of their early morning practice. I don’t think the university has even an inkling of all that rugby does for the school.

Utah is always one of the most respected programs, with every opposing team gunning to knock off one of the top contenders. Despite the competition, Utah continues to win-unlike other programs that may have maybe one or two strong years because of a temporary influx of talent.

What I don’t understand is how the University Bookstore can still sell shirts, sweaters and the like touting Utah Rugby, while little money (only a small amount from ASUU) is given to the team. What an embarrassing situation.

Coach Mark Numbers deserves a ton of credit. Utah is definitely a perpetual powerhouse in the rugby world. Oh, and did I mention that as many as five current and former Utes have been or are currently playing for the U.S. National Team?

In fact, this weekend Dave Anderson (Utah alumnus and assistant coach of the team) and Jason Pye are playing in the Los Angeles 7’s?tournament against other national teams from Argentina, New Zealand and many others.

Jon DaltonAlumnus