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Why do gay people get special treatment?


I am amazed by Roger E. Carrier’s letter (“Support the LGBT community,” Jan. 26).

Why should we pay people for being gay? Nobody is paying me to be straight!

While researching the U before deciding to attend, I noticed that there are scholarships available for homosexuals. The requirement to receive the scholarship is to either be gay or to have “contributed significantly to the gay community.”

Am I the only person who can see the discrimination? Why should sexual orientation qualify somebody for a scholarship? Why doesn’t the school give out scholarships that are only available to straight people?

Not only does the school encourage sexual perversion by offering homosexuals a free education, but now Carrier thinks that we should give gay people a million dollars! And the only qualification they have to be deserving of our money is the fact that they are gay. Why don’t I get a million dollars for being straight?

Carrier’s concern is that we are sending a bad image of our state to the world. Personally, I don’t want to send the message that we are a state full of perverts.

Maybe we should use a million dollars for a building that celebrates morality and sexual purity rather than perversion. That is the message that I would like to send to the world. ??

Kellen Wilson Junior, Finance and Spanish

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Comments (4)

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  • R

    RoseJun 27, 2022 at 12:59 am

    Since when did being straight become a bad thing. The federal court and white house have provided special treatment for special groups but without keeping control. Holidays used to be celebrated to honor a hero, a victory, and holiday that represented united-love-respect. The United States together with other nations have become weak and have lost control of the meaning equal rights and freedom of speech.

    Now we are celebrating gender and race; which in turn are causing division and signaling out some, and leaving others out:
    1) LGBTQ receives a whole month to celebrate their queer gender identify; we are not talking about biological gender birth. Are trying to overturn normal vocabulary language into their own language and are blaming the rest of the community for not understanding their made up language and meaning. LGBTQ is trying to over turn the federal courts and trying to make the whole world and straight turn into their LGBTQ world and that in its own is discrimination. Muslims have their own culture and language but you don’t see them trying to overturn the system to influence and enforce their believes on the community. So why is the federal courts allowing LGBTQ to enforce their made up language and overturn biological gender identity on the community?

    • S

      samsApr 11, 2023 at 10:15 am

      mr. man

      We deserve the same amount of rights….and uhhhhh all words are made up. You probably think that words in other languages are gibberish. So be quiet we are allowed to have rights and we don’t want special treatment. We need equal treatment…also this article is very overreacted. Also, why are you so scared of the gay?? you really think we want to interact with you

      • S

        saraOct 17, 2023 at 8:57 pm

        okay there are some interesting things about this, one thing is for certain. No one is equal, and we won’t ever be, but one thing we could have is equity. not equality because we aren’t. But I think that men and women should have the same basic right, regardless of race or sexuality. It doesn’t matter where you came from as long as you have the same opportunities as everyone else. Your comment is basically saying that you believe that gays and straights should be separated , which doesn’t make since because isn’t the whole gay movement made to see us not as just homosexuals, but as people too? we all deserve basic rights and free will to love who we want. not getting extra because of it. I know I wouldn’t like it if I didn’t get any benefits for being straight and I’ve always felt it was a little odd that I could apply for scholarships while my straight friends couldn’t and it felt like discrimination against them.

        • L

          Lyonal WittenJan 13, 2024 at 1:35 am

          Fags are sexually perverted and like pedophiles ought not to be normalized. Equity is not a good thing when it comes to those who think burning with lust is love. You queers are queer because you have exchanged the truth of God for a lie.
          We are all created equal but our actions show whether we continue to be equal or deserve to be discriminated against for the continuation of the race.
          You actively deny the institution of marriage by saying your Godless relationships are the same as that of normal people. I’m not unreasonably fearful of any of you mooch pooches. Y’all are disgusting abominations and can only be saved if you believe in Jesus Christ and turn back from your wickedness.
          The same goes for trannies.