Illegal immigrants are criminals


I agree that some will be disgusted by the letter from local resident Kenny?Williams about illegal immigration (“Those who don’t oppose illegal?immigration are evil,” Jan. 24.)??

Apparently, what Williams has learned about our country is that we are a nation of laws. This obviously includes illegal aliens who thumb their nose at our laws just by being here. Make no mistake; they are criminals.

Williams, unlike some, understands this fact. He clearly understands that our ancestors came here in obedience of the laws of the time and upon setting foot in this country, set goals and strove to work together with others to create this great nation.

At least one of my ancestors when arriving announced to his family: We are now Americans! We?will speak English from now on! The idea, of course, was that they were proud to be here, wanted to fit in and desired to join in the effort to build this great country.

They were proud to pay their fair share of taxes. Unlike today’s illegal aliens, they wanted to be part of the collective effort to make the United States a better country. They didn’t ship $17 billion out of the country-they spent their hard earned money right at home.

It is ignorant to believe that employers who would hire illegal aliens would actually give themselves away to our government by paying the money they withhold as taxes.

It is true that we are a somewhat culturally diverse society, but it is foolish to believe that this diversity should so divide our nation that we cannot speak English as one people. Wasn’t it Lincoln that said united we stand, divided we fall?

We must not allow the diversity within society to create factions within our county that divide us in our goals.

And finally, there is every reason that we should discourage illegal immigration. No one is discouraging legal immigration! The United States is forfeiting its power to control diseases that were wiped out years ago within this country by not closing its doors to those who are carrying these diseases to us again. We must know who is coming here and what their intentions are. Our very survival as a nation is at risk.

Russell SiasProvo