Ivory Homes provides eight new scholarships

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

Hispanic students with parents in the construction industry have another reason to build up their educations.

Clark Ivory, CEO of Ivory Homes, announced on Jan. 25 that he will create eight new scholarships for Hispanic students at the U in the next five years.

“Ivory Homes and our entire staff recognizes the contribution that Hispanics (make) in the construction industry,” said Ryan Prows, project manager for Ivory Homes. “We believe that it is our turn to give back.”

The Hispanic Chamber Scholarships, which will range from $1,000 to $2,000, will be available this coming Fall Semester.

Currently providing 12 scholarships to Hispanic students at the U, Ivory Homes’ main goal is to be the biggest and best supporter of Hispanic students in the region and the state, Arturo Pia, board treasurer for the company, said.

“We want to help students who want to further their education,” Pia said. “We want Hispanic students to know that we are always looking out for our own.”

Ivory Homes is targeting the scholarship toward Hispanic students seeking a career in business.

Lorena Jenson, president of DPR Communications, said that giving U students more scholarships is a chance to promote leadership.

“DPR Communications wants to follow in the footsteps of (Ivory) and provide more scholarships in the future for students who want to obtain an education,” Jenson said in a written statement. “All young minds have the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Elyse Arrington, a sophomore English major, said that although she did not know much about the Hispanic Chamber Scholarships, she thought it was a great opportunity for U students.

“I think what Ivory Homes is doing is great,” Arrington said. “Any chance to help further your education is a great thing.”

Ivory Homes will also create and fund a summer internship for students seeking business management experience. Interns will work both at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Ivory Homes. Applications will be accepted from Hispanic sophomores and juniors attending the U.

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