Car thieves work in broad daylight at U

Since Jan. 1, six cars have been stolen from the U campus.

In a recent string of thefts, Honda Accords, Honda Civics and Acura Integras have been targeted in outlying areas of campus, said campus police detectives, who are still investigating the situation.

“We’d like people to know this is happening so if they have one of these models, they can understand they’re being targeted,” said Sgt. Lynn Rohland, U police public information officer.

It appears that the thieves are stealing cars from off campus, using them, then driving them to the U, where they park them in campus lots and proceed to steal new vehicles, Rohland said.

Five of the six stolen vehicles have been recovered off campus and three vehicles stolen off campus were recovered on campus, she said.

The areas most frequently targeted include Rice-Eccles Stadium, Merrill Engineering building and the Kinder Care lots.

Surprisingly, the cars have been stolen during peak parking hours between 7 a.m. and noon.

It is believed the thieves are able to break into the cars despite people being all around because students aren’t paying attention to others around them as they struggle to find a spot and get to class, Rohland said.

The department of public safety is encouraging students who drive one of the three targeted types of vehicle to avoid the outer lots if possible or at least the outer stalls.

All vehicle owners should be careful not to leave valuables in sight inside the car and to remember to lock the doors, she said.

Andrew Kirk