Everything in The Chronicle is worthless trash


The Jan. 31 column by Eric Vogeler (“Anything a guy can do, a girl can do better”) is just more evidence that The Chronicle is drivel. Publishes drivel. Is drivel.

Not a day goes by without my skimming the paper and almost never reading anything other than the actual news pieces due to the lack of professionalism and substance. This, compounded with whomever decides to print opinions-why do we have three weeklong arguments on a single subject? Although many intelligent opinions are put forth, just how much of this do we need to read?

How many letters in the last three issues were published and related to immigration, and more recently, immigration and tuition?

I am sure this could be some aspiring journalist’s chance to actually do a piece on this subject instead of just allowing the supposed “people’s forum” to be saturated in the same subject matter on a daily basis.

The writing is drivel. How could you ever use The Chronicle as a reference to gain employment in a journalist capacity with so much unprofessionalism?

From the clich food reviews, to some waste-of-time pieces-such as Vogeler’s column-is this a serious argument? If it is, then why is the example of “tender grandmothers” used as evidence instead of some actual research-e.g., gender studies in aggression and sex differences in leadership capacity or a study on patriarchy to support the argument.

I call for an overhaul of The Chronicle. Not even a new editor-but why don’t you all sit down and assess what it is you are trying to accomplish and just how this is looking to those who read this paper on a daily basis.

I know you’re busy. I don’t need to hear about how there is no time-if you don’t have time to do a professional job for our school as a medium of communication then let someone else step in.?

Salem HoneySophomore, Business/Psychology