Calendar’s demise is a tragedy


Chronicle readers, staff and fellow alumni: In a time when civil liberties and freedoms of the press are being infringed upon without question, fuss or fight, it deeply upsets me to see the demise of Calendar.

The sole voice of intellect, truth, patriotism, philosemeticism, democracy and justice in your publication has been conspired upon and quelled since his inception, and I suppose crucifixion wasn’t too far off the horizon?(but this time, you really couldn’t blame the Jews).

Calendar dutifully attended to his priority and life’s passion of keeping students at the U informed of things to do in Salt Lake City, despite what little source material he had with which to work. He was consistent, he was meticulous and-over being more talented than any of you hacks-he had a passion for the protection of the Fourth Estate.

He cared for both the press’ capabilities and obligations toward the common good and set out to honor and protect them.

You have killed the only unique, special and dedicated voice in your newspaper. The Publications Board, your advisors (especially your advisors) and anyone else who had a hand in this not only has no pulse on the student body of the U but doesn’t have a pulse, period.

So long as The Chronicle acts as a farm-team recruiting center for bush-league newspapers like The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, it’ll be damned to mediocrity and a far cry from the “independent voice” of the students of the U.

Foster KramerChronicle Alumnus?New York City, NY