Who will win the Super Bowl: Pittsburgh or Seattle? (Beatty says Seahawks)

This Super Bowl reminds me a lot of the one a few years back when the Rams were playing the Titans. National prognosticators were calling it a dog, with teams that didn’t have a lot of national intrigue. The Rams had a high-flying offense, but they were a new kid on the scene and no one really knew what to think of the sudden superstar Kurt Warner. Plus, the Rams had backed their way into the Georgia Dome thanks to a controversial play in the NFC championship game.

The Titans, led by scrappy quarterback Steve McNair, didn’t scare many people, but somehow managed to win their way to the Super Bowl with guts and tenacity.

This season, it’s the Seahawks emulating the Rams. Matt Hasselbeck didn’t burst onto the scene from nowhere like Warner, but he was definitely not on the casual football fan’s radar before this season’s run. They have the breakout running back and some big play defensive players. As they proved against Carolina last week, the Hawks can be very explosive, even against a good defense.

The Steelers have a scrappy quarterback of their own, and even though Ben Roethlisberger is a different style of gunslinger than McNair, at their core they have similar mental make-ups.

And like the Titans, the Steelers had a movie-worthy path to the Big Game.

In round one, both teams were the beneficiaries of a big stroke of luck. The Steelers capitalized on the misfortune of Carson Palmer’s obliterated knee and wore down the Bengals to reach the second round. The Titans had the Music City Miracle. Even though that was a ridiculously well executed play, any Hail Mary-type scenario that actually works has to be considered lucky.

In the second round, the Steelers and Titans both went into a raucous RCA Dome and knocked off the heavily favored Colts. To get to the Super Bowl, it was another trip on the road to an amped up favorite’s house. The Steelers triumphed in Denver, while the Titans got past Mark Brunell and the 14-2 Jags.

The point of this comparison is that I think the Steelers nearly exhausted their luck, skill and everything else that goes into winning games on their way to get to the final battle. Consider it a “Cool Runnings” scenario. They have pushed their battered sled to its physical limits, and while they have the drive and determination to make it to the finish line, a loose nut or bolt will come free at the last second, as the Steelers come up a yard short, a yard wide or a foot out of bounds.

The Steelers have had a nice ride, but in the end, the Seahawks have more talent and had an easier route to Detroit. Pittsburgh is going to the Motor City with just too much wear on the tires.

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