Get with the 21st century


Every time I read a letter such as Christian Leininger’s (“The world would be a horrible place if women were in charge,” Feb. 1, online), which was written in response to Eric Vogeler’s article on women running the world (“Anything a guy can do, a girl can do better,” Jan. 31), I have to check my calendar to make sure I’m still in the 21st century. Maybe I woke up in a parallel universe. But no, it’s not meant satirically, I think it’s for real.

I mean, honestly, do male chauvinist pigs still exist?

Oh, I forget, we’re in Utah. Same as being in another century and/or parallel universe.

Take note, ladies: Christian Leininger is not your friend. I doubt he’ll be getting many dates from now on, but if he does, he can be sure he’ll get the Rubik’s cube that’s dumber than a rock because that’s the only kind of woman who would go out with that kind of guy. And if he’s married-tsk, tsk, poor wifey.

As for Eric Vogeler, that is my kind of guy. I am 54 years old, and I truly respect many of our young men these days who are feminists. I meet them much more often now than I used to. I think it’s extremely smart of men to realize that keeping women happy is their ticket to happiness as well. As I’ve learned in my anthropology class, if the peacock doesn’t have the tail, he doesn’t get the tail. You go, Eric.

Darcy MatthewsJunior, Fine Arts