Legislature needs to listen to citizens on HB 7


On Feb. 2, House Bill 7 came one step closer to passing after it received endorsement from the House Education Committee.

This bill aims to eliminate the option of resident tuition for undocumented students. The legislators who advanced this bill did a disservice to the citizens of Utah by not allowing those who opposed the bill to be heard at the hearing.

Many students and faculty from the U were in attendance but were not allowed to express their views. The committee did not act on behalf of the majority of Utahns, as demonstrated by a poll conducted by the Deseret Morning News in 2005, which showed that more than 60 percent of Utahns favor resident tuition for undocumented students.

If HB 7 passes, students currently enrolled at the U will be unable to continue pursuing higher education. Undocumented students still in high school will be prevented from gaining a college education and breaking the bonds of poverty.

These students will most likely remain in the state, so it’s in the state’s best interest to allow these students to become educated and productive members of society.

The higher education system will also lose money because without resident tuition from undocumented students, the state will not likely receive any tuition from these students.

Undocumented students came to the United States in innocence and attended Utah high schools for three years in good standing. By passing HB 7, we are ensuring that bright, motivated students will never reach their full potential.

Shontol BurkhalterJunior, Health Promotion and Education??

Wendy DaltonSophomore, Undeclared??

Heidi HallSophomore, Pre-Nursing