Maleness and feminism are not mutually exclusive


I do not appreciate the comments made by Ryan Dark (“The Chronicle is too leftist,” Feb. 8) that include accusations that I am sellout because I am a male and a feminist.

Simply put, these two parts of my identity are not ?mutually exclusive. I have chosen “feminist” as a designation after years of academic interdisciplinary study here at the university in fields such as political science, gerontology, philosophy, communication, English and economics.

While individuals are “contributing” to the social discourse relating to sex and gender, as Dark has, others are seriously considering the issues he (and others) make light of.

I suggest Dark register a course taught in one of the numerous fields of study relating to feminism and gender studies (which includes masculine studies). Failing?that, I’m sure the department heads would love to entertain his concerns in ?a professional setting. I know I would if the opportunity were to present itself.

Kim M. Bowman Jr.Senior, Gender Studies/Political Science