Big Idea party goes big on diversity

After being involved in ASUU for several years, Lindsey Sine and Dave Martini accumulated some big ideas they think would make student government more effective.

Martini, vice presidential candidate for the Big Idea party, describes these ideas as a light bulb turning on in his head.

“It’s like one of those moments during an exam when you don’t know how to answer a question, then all of the sudden it clicks?you have that light bulb that went off,” he said.

A big part of their platform, presidential candidate Sine said, is to reach out to all different groups on campus. She plans to do this through increased funding to student groups and selection of a diverse cabinet.

“There are a large amount of student groups on campus that are just under-funded and under-recognized?those are groups that could potentially be reaching out to people who are just commuting to and from the university,” Sine said. “Everyone says it’s important to create a community here, but the only way we can do that is to better fund these student groups.”

Sine added that if student groups were better funded, they would be able to reach out to all different demographics of students that traditionally might not have been involved on campus.

Sine also said she plans to reach out to different types of students in the selection of her cabinet and party running mates.

“It’s important for a wide array of the different demographics of students on campus to be represented within their student government,” Sine said.

Sine also said that restoring the nontraditional student board within ASUU would be a big step toward increasing diversity in student government.

Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Lindsey Sine is a former opinion columnist for The Daily Utah Chronicle.

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