BLOC party looks to bring life to campus

From the MUSS to Crimson Nights, the BLOC party is all about tradition.

Jake Kirkham, presidential candidate for the BLOC party, said he believes traditions are an essential part of bringing students together on campus. The emphasis on tradition also ties into the BLOC party slogan: Building Life on Campus.

“We want this place to be rich in tradition?traditions encourage more campus unity and involvement,” he said.

That’s why, if elected, Kirkham plans to build off of old traditions and even start some new traditions of his own.

Several new traditions he plans to start include an all-night dance marathon fund-raiser and a midnight madness kickoff party for the basketball season.

The dance marathon will be a 24- to 48-hour event where participants will be required to say on their feet the entire time, Kirkham said.

The midnight madness event will be similar to the Running Utes’ celebration, but it will be held during the basketball team’s first practice.

But traditions aren’t the only way the BLOC party plans to build life on campus.

The party has built their platform around a series of objectives that focus on creating a greater sense of community on campus.

“BLOC stands for building life on campus?you can build life on campus scholastically, socially, service-wise?there are so many ways to do it,” said Mindy Chidester, senior class presidential candidate for the BLOC Party.

Toby Collett, BLOC Party vice presidential candidate, said another major part of bringing life on campus is through service. They plan to create a new service council within ASUU to promote more campus-wide collaboration on service projects.

“There is no better way to unite students than through service,” Collett said.

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