Buttars is turning Utah into Hillbilly City


I completely agree with Todd Raleigh (“Hey Buttars: Evolution is not up for debate,” Feb. 13).

Buttars is trying to turn Utah into the redneck hillbilly capital of the West. He needs to get back into his Jesus Horse (known to some as a “car”) and head farther south-they could use a good man like him.

It would be so much easier if The Powers That Be would just redefine science-let’s start with his own personal doctor, which I assume to be a faith healer at this point.

How does this man function in daily life? How the hell did he get elected?

As much as I’d like to turn science back about 500 years, I can’t help but wonder, when will we have flying cars? That should be the goal of science, not trying to usurp the Flying Spaghetti Monster with religion. Amen.

Beth Sallay?Alumna The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster