U men love being asked out by women

Tyler Brown, senior film major, said he loves it when women ask him out.

“It’s so nice to have them pay,” Brown said. “It’s a free meal and entertainment. And a bonus is, it’s flattering.”

Brown is not alone. More than 90 percent of male U students said they like it when women ask them out, according to a recent Chronicle survey of 34 women and 46 men.

Andrea Barnard, an undeclared freshman, met her boyfriend by making the first move. She called him up and asked if he wanted to hang out. After that, he started calling her.

“I think they like it because it takes the pressure off them. Someone else is doing all the planning,” Barnard said.

According to the survey, more women (80 percent) said they would go on a first date with someone they found unattractive than men (60 percent).

Maryann Farr, another undeclared freshman, said she says yes to all first dates just to be nice.

“You can give them the benefit of the doubt,” she said.

If the first date doesn’t go well Farr won’t go out again and as of yet, she has not gone on a second date with a guy she wasn’t attracted to initially.

Some men wish women would not accept a first date if they aren’t interested.

“If you don’t see any possibility of a second date, (tell me)-I kind of want to know where I stand,” Ben Richards, a senior in physics, said.

Richards said he doesn’t want to waste time or money on girls who aren’t interested.

Students turn to a variety of places to meet people, but most of them meet through common friends. Holly White, a senior in sociology, said that’s how she prefers to meet men.

“It’s nice because then you can do something with your friends (on the date),” White said.

Michelle Coleman, who graduated in elementary education, said she likes to meet men through blind dates.

“It’s easy, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to see them again-there is no letdown.”

Brown said he hates blind dates.

“I think blind dates are the worst because you end up spending money, and you don’t even have anything in common with the girl. When you’re set up, you get screwed,” he said.

Two months ago Brown spent $60 on a blind date after planning to spend no money at all.

He planned an inexpensive double date, including making dinner and playing board games. When the couple bailed at the last minute, he was stuck.

After taking his date to dinner he thought bowling would be cheap, but spent more than $20.

“It’s rude to act like money is a big deal when you’re with your date,” Brown said. “Although she was fun, she wasn’t worth $60.”

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Patrick Muir contributed to this article