Utah’s dumbest criminal


I want to comment on the complete ignorance of the individual who beat the American Indian man at the TRAX station the other day (“Rider assaults man at TRAX station,” Feb. 9). When you look at the offender’s actions, it’s obvious that he doesn’t have clue about successfully committing a crime.

First of all, he chose one of the worst possible places to commit a crime. The Stadium TRAX station almost always has at least a dozen people there. Of those people, probably 80 percent had cell phones, and 50 percent of those phones had cameras. It was like committing a crime in front of the (Channel) 2 News window at the Gallivan Center during a broadcast.

Additionally, I think there are? more than four payphones there that someone could have called 911 on if someone didn’t feel like using his or her minutes.

Next, the man hopped on a TRAX train in order to make sure the authorities would catch him with no problem. The police simply had to stop the train?and keep the doors shut, and the army of witnesses the perpetrator brought with him could identify him.

It’s comparable to a man running from a bank robbery, hopping onto a bus just outside the bank, carrying multiple briefcases, while alarms are blaring in the background-definitely not a good idea.

Hopefully this man will take advantage of the educational programs in prison. In sum, I haven’t heard if this was a hate crime; if it was, I’m so sure of the culprit’s lack of intelligence that I’m confident in assuming that he would have yelled, “Go back to your own country!” as he beat his American Indian victim.

Randy HoffmanJunior, Psychology