Dance reviewer lacks necessary technical knowledge


The review of the Modern Dance Department’s Performing?Dance Company displayed a clear lack of understanding of the language of modern dance and little attempt to understand (“PDC repertoire lacks variety, dynamism,” Feb. 22).

With the exception of one individual piece, Alexandra Gregory gave a caustic review of the performance. Although this is a valid opinion, Gregory blatantly admitted in the review of Pamela Geber’s ?piece, “Deaf Voices, Mute Ears,” that she was giving the perspective of one with an “untrained modern dance eye” and proceeded to not dig any deeper than that perspective.

Consistently, Gregory made points that she did not back up, attributing a negative connotation to Bill Evans’ circular motif without explanation and leaving unsupported the statement that Kaye Richards’ choreography felt disconnected from the poem to which it was performed.

Gregory failed to view much of the performance from an in-depth perspective, neglecting nearly every energetic subtlety and ignoring the concept of intention. The?article did not reveal an effort to speak with dancers, choreographers or anyone who might have a better idea of what they are talking about in order to find outside views.

This is a shame, since Gregory did not seem to manage to find meaning in any piece. ??

On the other hand, I’d like to commend Christopher Peddecord for his photography of the performance. His photographs captured the composition of the choreography and the energy of the dancers, making it clear that he brought his own dance experience to his photography.

Cressa PerloffFreshman, Modern Dance