Student on the Street

Jordan Spain

Sophomore, Biology

I can’t really define it. For me, feminism is being a woman and being proud of being a woman. Yeah, it’s still relevant because there are situations where men can get further ahead, just because they’re men. Women are now fully qualified, if not more qualified, than men have been in the past.

Julie Tran

Sophomore, Bioengineering

I think feminism means a woman being proud of who she is and celebrating that. I think that some women take it too far. I think people should change things by example, instead of dictating what other people should think.

Though, it’s still relevant because sometimes women have to work almost twice as hard to get where men are. Men don’t have to work as hard because they’re already stereotyped into the more prominent position-like, people automatically assume that men can become doctors, whereas women become nurses.

Vinh Vo

Sophomore, Pre-Med

I don’t know, man ? feminism is something not masculine. I think it’s pretty good right now, but there’s still room for improvements.

Edward Pultar

Graduate Student, Geography

Are you going to quote me so all my girl friends think I’m an ass****?

Feminism means making sure women have equal rights, to have more power. There is definitely still room for improvement. I saw The Vagina Monologues a few weeks ago, and I think that’s a good thing. I think they perform it in Africa and other places now, too. It really made me think.

Adam Briles

Senior, Biology

Not sure, really. I think feminism is a social movement that would promote independence of women and things of that nature. As for whether or not it’s a good thing, I think it depends on the woman. Some see it that way, some don’t. Like any “ism,” it could be good or bad. I think it is a good thing, but it could be taken too far. I think mostly it’s been a good thing, though.

Christoph Bruning

Doctoral, Physics

I think it is hard for me to explain. Women want advantages, but if they have disadvantages, they say, “But I’m a woman.”

I’m from Germany, and in Germany men have to go to the army. Women don’t. Many say, if we are all equal, why don’t you go to the army? But women say, “We are women, we can’t do this.”

Donnie Davis

Senior, Social Work

Oh no, you’re asking me that ? it has to do with equality and everyone being equal. Absolutely, it’s still relevant to today’s society. Probably more so. In Betty Friedan’s day, women were obviously a lot worse off, but even now (the wage gap) is still 75 cents on the dollar. We find women in all sorts of positions and vocations that they weren’t in before, so things have definitely progressed. But it’s still relevant because it’s still in the process of catching up-we still have a ways to go.